evidence of coxiella burnetii in punjab province, pakistan.coxiella burnetii causes query (q) fever, an important zoonotic disease with worldwide significance. the role of environment in the ecology of c. burnetti, and its influence on seroconversion in animals has not been elucidated in pakistan. we carried out a cross-sectional study in punjab province to (1) determine the prevalence and distribution of c. burnetii in soil using an isiiii gene-based real time-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) assay, (2) analyze association between the occurrence of c ...201627456937
seroprevalence of q fever (coxiellosis) in small ruminants of two districts in punjab, pakistan.coxiellosis caused by coxiella burnetii is a cosmopolitan zoonosis, which causes significant losses through abortions and stillbirths in small ruminants. a cross-sectional seroprevalence study was conducted in two major sheep and goat farming districts of punjab (layyah and muzaffargarh), pakistan. in total, 542 small ruminants (271 sheep and goats each) of both sexes (60 males and 482 females) of different age groups from 104 flocks (52 flocks of either species) were randomly selected for the c ...201627172109
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