use of capture-recapture to estimate underreporting of ebola virus disease, montserrado county, liberia. 201526583831
social vulnerability and ebola virus disease in rural liberia.the ebola virus disease (evd) epidemic that has stricken thousands of people in the three west african countries of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea highlights the lack of adaptive capacity in post-conflict countries. the scarcity of health services in particular renders these populations vulnerable to multiple interacting stressors including food insecurity, climate change, and the cascading effects of disease epidemics such as evd. however, the spatial distribution of vulnerable rural populat ...201526325519
cluster of ebola virus disease, bong and montserrado counties, liberia.lack of trust in government-supported services after the death of a health care worker with symptoms of ebola resulted in ongoing ebola transmission in 2 liberia counties. ebola transmission was facilitated by attempts to avoid cremation of the deceased patient and delays in identifying and monitoring contacts.201526079309
initiation of a ring approach to infection prevention and control at non-ebola health care facilities - liberia, january-february 2015.from mid-january to mid-february 2015, all confirmed ebola virus disease (ebola) cases that occurred in liberia were epidemiologically linked to a single index patient from the st. paul bridge area of montserrado county. of the 22 confirmed patients in this cluster, eight (36%) sought and received care from at least one of 10 non-ebola health care facilities (hcfs), including clinics and hospitals in montserrado and margibi counties, before admission to an ebola treatment unit. after recognition ...201525974636
controlling the last known cluster of ebola virus disease - liberia, january-february one of the three west african countries highly affected by the 2014-2015 ebola virus disease (ebola) epidemic, liberia reported approximately 10,000 cases. the ebola epidemic in liberia was marked by intense urban transmission, multiple community outbreaks with source cases occurring in patients coming from the urban areas, and outbreaks in health care facilities (hcfs). this report, based on data from routine case investigations and contact tracing, describes efforts to stop the last known c ...201525974635
challenges in responding to the ebola epidemic - four rural counties, liberia, august-november 2014.the first cases of ebola virus disease (ebola) in west africa were identified in guinea on march 22, 2014. on march 30, the first liberian case was identified in foya town, lofa county, near the guinean border. because the majority of early cases occurred in lofa and montserrado counties, resources were concentrated in these counties during the first several months of the response, and these counties have seen signs of successful disease control. by october 2014, the epidemic had reached all 15 ...201425522089
dynamics and control of ebola virus transmission in montserrado, liberia: a mathematical modelling analysis.a substantial scale-up in public health response is needed to control the unprecedented ebola virus disease (evd) epidemic in west africa. current international commitments seek to expand intervention capacity in three areas: new evd treatment centres, case ascertainment through contact tracing, and household protective kit allocation. we aimed to assess how these interventions could be applied individually and in combination to avert future evd cases and deaths.201425455986
evidence for declining numbers of ebola cases--montserrado county, liberia, june-october 2014.the epidemic of ebola virus disease (ebola) in west africa that began in march 2014 has caused approximately 13,200 suspected, probable, and confirmed cases, including approximately 6,500 in liberia. about 50% of liberia's reported cases have been in montserrado county (population 1.5 million), the most populous county, which contains the capital city, monrovia. to examine the course of the ebola epidemic in montserrado county, data on ebola treatment unit (etu) admissions, laboratory testing of ...201425412066
establishment of a community care center for isolation and management of ebola patients - bomi county, liberia, october of october 29, 2014, a total of 6,454 ebola virus disease (ebola) cases had been reported in liberia by the liberian ministry of health and social welfare, with 2,609 deaths. although the national strategy for combating the ongoing ebola epidemic calls for construction of ebola treatment units (etus) in all 15 counties of liberia, only a limited number are operational, and most of these are within montserrado county. etus are intended to improve medical care delivery to persons whose illnesse ...201425375073
assessment of ebola virus disease, health care infrastructure, and preparedness - four counties,southeastern liberia, august 2014.ebola virus disease (ebola) is a multisystem disease caused by a virus of the genus ebolavirus. in late march 2014, ebola cases were described in liberia, with epicenters in lofa county and later in montserrado county. while information about case burden and health care infrastructure was available for the two epicenters, little information was available about remote counties in southeastern liberia. over 9 days, august 6-14, 2014, ebola case burden, health care infrastructure, and emergency pre ...201425299605
community engagement in liberia: routine immunization post-ebola.a national integrated polio, measles, and deworming campaign was implemented across liberia may 8-14, 2015. the community engagement and social mobilization component of the campaign was based on structures that had been invested in during the ebola response. this article provides an overview of the community engagement and social mobilization activities that were conducted and reports the key findings of a rapid qualitative assessment conducted immediately after the campaign that focused on com ...201728854140
characterizing risk of ebola transmission based on frequency and type of case-contact exposures.during the initial months of the 2013-2016 ebola epidemic, rapid geographical dissemination and intense transmission challenged response efforts across west africa. contextual behaviours associated with increased risk of exposure included travel to high-transmission settings, caring for sick and preparing the deceased for traditional funerals. although such behaviours are widespread in west africa, high-transmission pockets were observed. superspreading and clustering are typical phenomena in in ...201728396472
quantifying poverty as a driver of ebola transmission.poverty has been implicated as a challenge in the control of the current ebola outbreak in west africa. although disparities between affected countries have been appreciated, disparities within west african countries have not been investigated as drivers of ebola transmission. to quantify the role that poverty plays in the transmission of ebola, we analyzed heterogeneity of ebola incidence and transmission factors among over 300 communities, categorized by socioeconomic status (ses), within mont ...201526720278
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