fertility status and distribution of mating type alleles of the rice blast fungus, magnaporthe grisea in northern iran.this study was carried out using 155 monoconidial isolates collected from different areas of two major rice growing provinces in northern iran, including 94 isolates from guilan and 59 isolates from mazandaran. among 94 isolates from guilan, 92 and two isolates recovered from rice and crabgrass (digitaria sp.), respectively. all 61 rested isolates from mazandaran were recovered from rice. all isolates were evaluated for in vitro sexual fertility and mating type status by pairing with mat 1-1 and ...200415756836
the assessment of the rice cultivars/lines resistance to blast disease in mazandaran province, iran.blast, caused by magnaporthe grisea, is one of the most important diseases in rice production regions of the world including iran. to determine progress of rice blast disease on the selective cultivars and lines also to assay some components of partial resistance, a set of iranian rice cultivars (local and breeding) along with near-isogenic lines (nils) and breeding lines from international rice research institute (irri) were tested with some field races of the fungus in blast nursery and five o ...200415756856
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