mutagenicity assessment of textile dyes from sanganer (rajasthan).sanganer town, district jaipur (rajasthan, india) is famous worldwide for its hand block dyeing and textile printing industries. these industries use a variety of chemicals and dyes during processing and finishing of raw materials. most of the textile dyes used by these industries have not been evaluated for their impact on health and the environment. the workers in these industries are exposed to such dyes with no control over the length and frequency of exposure. further, untreated and sometim ...200717717998
monitoring hospital wastewaters for their probable genotoxicity and mutagenicity.cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. excluding the genetic factors, environmental factors, mainly the pollutants, have been implicated in the causation of the majority of cancers. wastewater originated from health-care sectors such as hospitals may carry vast amounts of carcinogenic and genotoxic chemicals to surface waters or any other source of drinking water, if discharged untreated. humans get exposed to such contaminants through a variety of ways including drinking water. the aim o ...201525487460
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