seasonal pattern of fasciola hepatica antibodies in dairy herds in northern germany.fasciolosis, caused by the liver fluke fasciola hepatica, is one of the most important parasitoses in cattle farming worldwide. in dairy cows, the trematode leads to economic losses due to decreased milk yield, a negative impact on reproduction parameters, and liver condemnations. in the present study, the seasonal patterns of f. hepatica antibodies in bulk-tank milk from dairy herds located in east frisia, a region of the federal state lower saxony in the north of germany, were investigated. th ...201222565401
bulk milk-estimated seroprevalence of fasciola hepatica in dairy herds and collecting of risk factor data in east frisia, northern germany.the liver fluke fasciola (f) hepatica is one of the most important trematodes in cattle farming worldwide. fasciolosis in dairy cows is leading to production losses due to decreased milk yield, liver condemnation and impaired reproduction. the treatment of dairy cows is unsatisfactory, because available drugs are either effective against adult flukes only or have long withdrawal times or in some countries may not be used at all. in the present study the prevalence of f. hepatica in dairy farms l ...201522919929
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