epidemiology of acute lower respiratory tract infections, especially those due to haemophilus influenzae type b, in the gambia, west africa.mortality surveys undertaken in rural areas of the gambia, a small country on the west coast of africa, indicate that acute lower respiratory tract infections (alri) are the most frequent cause of death among children and that approximately 1 in 25 rural gambian children dies from an alri before the age of 5 years. community surveys suggest that each child experiences an average of one episode of alri accompanied by radiographic changes before reaching this age. etiologic studies have shown that ...19921588169
risk factors for severe respiratory syncytial virus infection leading to hospital admission in children in the western region of the gambia.acute lower respiratory tract infections (alri) are the major cause of mortality and morbidity in young children worldwide. respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infection is the most important viral cause of severe alri but only a small proportion of children infected with this virus develop severe disease. to identify possible risk factors for severe rsv infection leading to hospital admission we have carried out a case-control study of gambian children with rsv infection admitted to hospital.199910195682
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