helminth intensity and diversity in organic meat sheep farms in centre of france.a helminthological study was undertaken at five sheep meat organic farms in the centre of france. the data obtained were compared with two extensive (contemporary of present study) or semi-intensive (literature data) conventional sheep meat farms. the nematode fauna of the region could be characterised by the presence of trichostrongylus axei alongside with the dominant species recorded in other areas (teladorsagia circumcincta and trichostrongylus colubriformis with few haemonchus contortus). t ...200211879965
farm history and breeding management influences on the intensity and specific diversity of nematode infection of dairy goats.sixteen dairy-goat farms were investigated in the centre-west of france for nematode infection. the intensity of infection was assessed by means of faecal egg counts and nematode counts at necropsy for digestive-tract nematodes and faecal larval counts for muellerius capillaris. the specific diversity and prevalence were estimated by worm counts of 28 necropsied culled goats. the history and breeding management were recorded by means of a questionnaire. specific diversity was estimated on two cu ...19947975117
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