relationships between the parasites of some wild and cultured fishes in two lakes and a fish farm in central finland.a total of 526 atlantic salmon and 500 brown trout from a fish farm were studied for parasites, as were 272 roach, 251 perch and 150 whitefish from the lake which formed the water source, and 196 roach and 136 perch from the effluent recipient lake. the cultured fish harboured 14 parasite species, of which most were protozoan generalist parasites. nine species were found on salmon and 12 on brown trout. epizootically the most important species were ichthyobodo necator, chilodonella cyprini and i ...19948021098
parasite communities as indicators of recovery from pollution: parasites of roach (rutilus rutilus) and perch (perca fuviatilis) in central finland.we compared parasite communities in fish taken from a polluted lake (l. vatia) and two control lakes before (1986) and after (1995) nine years of markedly reduced chemical and nutrient loading from a pulpmill in central finland. discriminant analyses of the 1995 data, using a function based on the 1986 data, showed that the parasite communities in the fish from the two control lakes had changed relatively little, whereas those from l. vatia had converged on those from the mesotrophic control lak ...200314667171
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