intestinal parasites in diabetic patients in sohag university hospitals, egypt.intestinal parasites usually create benign diseases, though they may induce complications with high morbidity and mortality to the immunocompromised, including diabetic patients. the study detected the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in diabetic patients, comparing to non-diabetic controls and other parameters. a total of 100 fecal samples were collected from diabetic patients at the outpatient clinic of sohag university hospitals and another 100 from cross matched controls. the sa ...201526485865
intestinal parasites in patients with chronic abdominal pain.information about intestinal parasites in sohag (upper egypt) in patients with chronic abdominal pain is scarce. this study determined the intestinal parasites symptoms in 130 patients with chronic abdominal pain and cross-matched 20 healthy persons. parasitic infection was confirmed by stool analysis.the most commonest clinical data with stool analysis was as following: 1-entamoeba histolytica associated with nausea 20 (3 7.74%) followed by anorexia 19 (35.85%), 2-entamoeba coli associated with ...201526485858
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