serological detection and epidemiology of neospora caninum and cryptosporidium parvum antibodies in cattle in southern egypt.neospora caninum and cryptosporidium parvum are intracellular protozoan parasites that are distributed worldwide and of major economical concern in cattle industry. n. caninum can cause abortion storms and high culling rates, whereas c. parvum has zoonotic implications and can cause diarrhea in calves. there are currently no data on the prevalence of neosporosis and cryptosporidiosis in humans or animals in southern egypt. prevalence of these two infections was determined in a sample of cattle f ...201627377768
intestinal parasites in diabetic patients in sohag university hospitals, egypt.intestinal parasites usually create benign diseases, though they may induce complications with high morbidity and mortality to the immunocompromised, including diabetic patients. the study detected the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in diabetic patients, comparing to non-diabetic controls and other parameters. a total of 100 fecal samples were collected from diabetic patients at the outpatient clinic of sohag university hospitals and another 100 from cross matched controls. the sa ...201526485865
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