rhinoclemmysnema n. g. and three new species of nematodes of the family atractidae (cosmocercoidea), with notes on the helminth fauna of rhinoclemmys pulcherrima (testudines: bataguridae) in costa rica.rhinoclemmysnema n. g. and three new species of atractid nematodes, namely, atractis costaricaensis n. sp., orientatractis asymmetrica n. sp. and rhinoclemmysnema multilabiatum were recovered from the small and large intestine of rhinoclemmys pulcherrima, the painted wood turtle in the guanacaste conservation area, costa rica. the genera and three species are characterized by the features of the cephalic region and male tail. neopolystoma fentoni (conjuctival sac) and heronimus mollis (lungs) we ...200617125541
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