draft genome sequence of yersinia pestis strain 2501, an isolate from the great gerbil plague focus in xinjiang, china.we deciphered the genome of yersinia pestis strain 2501, isolated from the junggar basin, a newly discovered great gerbil plague focus in xinjiang, china. the total length of assembly was 4,597,322 bp, and 4,265 coding sequences were predicted within the genome. it is the first y. pestis genome from this plague focus.201222965078
[dynamics of f1 antibody responses to yersinia pestis infection in rhombomys opimus].objective: to observe the dynamics of antibody response in great gerbils infected with yersinia pestis in experiment. method: a total of 211 great gerbils were captured in the southern margin of plague natural focus of junggar basin of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region in 2011. among them, there were 167 great gerbils without infection of y. pestis and 44 great gerbils infected by y.pestis. y.pestis no. 2504 was employed for this experimental strain, which was strong toxic strain with negativ ...201728395471
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