isolation and analysis of a very virulent marek's disease virus strain in china.a severe md was broken out at a farm in shandong, china, despite fc126 vaccination of the chickens at 1-day-old. the mortality of the flocks reached up to 38.3%. the infected chickens were found to have md pathological changes, including enlargement of spleens, livers and kidneys, and tumors occured on organs later. samples were collected from the chickens for diagnosis.201323687964
gp85 genetic diversity of avian leukosis virus subgroup j among different individual chickens from a native compare the genetic diversity and quasispecies evolution of avian leukosis virus (alv) among different individuals, 5 chickens, raised in shandong provice of china, were randomly selected from a local chicken flock associated with serious tumor cases. blood samples were collected and inoculated into chicken embryo fibroblast and df-1 cell lines for virus isolation and identification, respectively, of marek's disease virus (mdv), reticuloendotheliosis virus (rev), and alv. five strains of alv ...201627794054
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