multilocus genotyping of giardia duodenalis and enterocytozoon bieneusi in dairy and native beef (qinchuan) calves in shaanxi province, northwestern china.giardia duodenalis and enterocytozoon bieneusi are two common protozoa that parasitize the intestinal epithelium of animals and humans. calves have been identified as important reservoirs of these two pathogens, but limited data is available for these two pathogens in calves in china. in the present study, the prevalence and assemblages/genotypes of both parasites in calves of dairy and native beef (qinchuan) cattle in shaanxi province, northwestern china, were analyzed using multilocus genotypi ...201626782809
infection rate of giardia duodenalis, cryptosporidium spp. and enterocytozoon bieneusi in cashmere, dairy and meat goats in china.cryptosporidiosis, microsporidiosis, and giardiasis contribute significantly to the high burden of zoonotic diarrhea worldwide. goats constitute an important species in animal agriculture by providing cashmere wool, meat, and dairy products for human consumption. however, zoonotic pathogens with the potential to cause morbidity and to degrade production have been reported frequently in goats recently. the present study examined 629 fecal specimens from goats, including 315 cashmere goats, 170 da ...201627017915
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