source and risk factors of a cutaneous anthrax outbreak, jiangsu, eastern china, 2012.anthrax is still a severe public health problem and threat to human health. a cutaneous anthrax outbreak occurred in jiangsu province, a non-endemic anthrax region of eastern china, from july to august 2012. epidemiological and laboratory investigation were initiated to trace the source of infection and identify the risk factors of the outbreak. on 25 july 2012, 17 persons were exposed to a sick cow, which had been imported from northeast china a few days previously. of the 17 exposed, eight dev ...201627277672
molecular characterization of bacillus anthracis directly from patients' eschar and beef in an anthrax outbreak in jiangsu province, china, outbreak of anthrax was reported in lianyungang, jiangsu province, china in 2012. laboratory confirmation of cases was made by detection of bacillus anthracis genes rpob, paga, and cap using real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr); source tracking was conducted by multiple locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis (mlva) and paga sequencing using dna extracted from case specimens and meat from a suspected slaughtered cow. the genotypes were mlva type 57 and paga genotype i. combined with ...201425002304
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