the dynamic microbiota profile during pepper (piper nigrum l.) peeling by solid-state fermentation.white pepper (piper nigrum l.), a well-known spice, is the main pepper processing product in hainan province, china. the solid-state method of fermentation can peel pepper in a highly efficient manner and yield high-quality white pepper. in the present study, we used next-generation sequencing to reveal the dynamic changes in the microbiota during pepper peeling by solid-state fermentation. the results suggested that the inoculated aspergillus niger was dominant throughout the fermentation stage ...201728378160
dryinidae of the oriental region (hymenoptera: chrysidoidea).an updated revision of oriental dryinidae is presented. seven subfamilies, 20 genera and 368 species are treated. eight new species are described: aphelopus zonalis xu, olmi & he, sp. nov. (china, hainan); anteon zoilum xu, olmi & he, sp. nov. (china, yunnan), anteon zonarium xu, olmi & he, sp. nov. (china, yunnan), anteon zopyrum xu, olmi & he, sp. nov. (china, xizang), anteon zoroastrum xu, olmi & he, sp. nov. (malaysia, malaya), esagonatopus sinensis xu, olmi & he, sp. nov. (china, yunnan), g ...201324759692
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