qnrvc-like gene located in a novel complex class 1 integron harboring the iscr1 element in an aeromonas punctata strain from an aquatic environment in shandong province, china.a qnrvc-like gene, qnrvc4, was found in a novel complex class 1 integron gene cassette array following the iscr1 element and bla(per-1) in a multidrug-resistant strain of the aquatic bacterium aeromonas punctata. the deduced qnrvc4 protein sequence shares 45% to 81% amino acid identity with quinolone resistance determinants qnrb6, qnra1, qnrs1, qnrc, qnrvc1, and qnrvc3. a ser-83 to ile amino acid substitution in gyrase a may be mainly responsible for ciprofloxacin resistance in this strain.201020516288
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