the effect of treatment duration on weaning weights in a cow-calf herd with a protracted severe outbreak of diarrhea in calves.the objective of this study was to describe a multiyear outbreak of calf diarrhea in an alberta cow-calf herd and the impact of severe diarrhea on calf productivity. a retrospective analysis was performed through the use of detailed individual animal records and laboratory reports. the most significant laboratory finding was salmonella typhimurium isolated from the fecal samples of 2 ill members of the treatment crew and from 3 calves on postmortem examination. in 2002, at the peak of the outbre ...200516018561
antimicrobial resistance of selected salmonella isolates from food animals and food in alberta.salmonella isolates (n = 209) obtained from food animals and foods in alberta during 1996 through 1999 were tested for sensitivity to 17 antimicrobials. of the 3553 antimicrobial susceptibility tests on salmonella isolates, 11.8% were positive for resistance. these isolates were commonly resistant to tetracycline (35.4%), streptomycin (32.5%), sulfamethoxazole (28.7%), ticarcillin (27.3%), and ampicillin (26.8%). resistance to at least 1 antimicrobial was observed in 112 isolates (53.6%). salmon ...200515825516
salmonella spp. shedding by alberta beef cattle and the detection of salmonella spp. in ground beef.breeder cows, cattle recently arrived at feedlots, and cattle about to be shipped for slaughter were tested for salmonella spp. no salmonella spp. were detected in fecal samples from breeding cows. nineteen of 1,000 (1.9%) fecal samples from recently arrived feedlot cattle were positive for salmonella spp. compared to only 2 of 1,000 (0.2%) fecal samples taken within 2 weeks of slaughter. the positive fecal samples were collected in 5 of 50 (10%) "recent arrival" pens tested and in 1 of 50 (2%) ...200211899047
isolation of newcastle disease virus and salmonella typhimurium from the brain of double-crested cormorants (phalacrocorax auritus).avian paramyxovirus type 1 (newcastle disease virus) and salmonella typhimurium were isolated from the brain and lung tissues of double-crested cormorants (phalacrocorax auritus) from lac canard, alberta, canada. more than 100 birds died during this outbreak in 1999. affected birds presented signs of central nervous system disease characterized by unilateral wing and leg paralysis. other geographic locations in the provinces of alberta and saskatchewan have reported cases of cormorants suffering ...200111332490
a temporal study of salmonella serovars in animals in alberta between 1990 and 2001.passive laboratory-based surveillance data from alberta agriculture food and rural development were analyzed for common salmonella serovars, prevalences, trends, and for the presence of temporal clusters. there were 1767 isolates between october 1990 and december 2001 comprising 63 different serovars, including 961 isolates from chickens, 418 from cattle, 108 from pigs, 102 from turkeys, and 178 from all other species combined. salmonella typhimurium, heidelberg, hadar, kentucky, and thompson we ...200515971672
an outbreak of salmonella typhimurium in alberta. 194918143132
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