q fever in alberta-infection in humans and animals.the presence of q fever antibodies in the milk of cattle in alberta is described. the incidence of positive milk samples rose from 0.8% of herds tested in 1959 to 7.7% in 1964. the largest number of infected animals is in the southern part of the province.a case of q fever in an infant is reported. this occurred on the duffield indian reserve near edmonton in november 1963. two of 44 blood samples collected at random from asymptomatic individuals on the reserve in february 1965 contained complem ...19655891611
q fever in canada.a canada-wide survey of q fever was begun in 1958 in co-operation with public health and veterinary laboratories to determine the presence and prevalence of the disease so that medical practitioners might be alerted to the potential dangers existing. serologic evidence obtained indicated that the q fever rickettsia now exists in cattle in all provinces of canada except new brunswick, nova scotia, and prince edward island. isolations of the rickettsia were obtained from bovine milk samples from o ...196414175873
q fever in alberta, canada: 1998-2011.establishing the diagnosis of q fever (coxiella burnetii) is important in directing the application of therapy to prevent severe manifestations of the infection. in alberta, canada, the presence of high livestock density creates a significant risk of infection, but to date, there has been no comprehensive analysis of local q fever epidemiological trends and exposure patterns. between 1998 and 2011, there were 39 cases and an overall adjusted case rate of 0.087 per 100 000 person-years. cases wer ...201423711021
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