molecular epidemiological tracing of a cattle rabies outbreak lasting less than a month in rio grande do sul in southern brazil.vampire bat-transmitted cattle rabies cases are typically encountered in areas where the disease is endemic. however, over the period of a month in 2009, an outbreak of cattle rabies occurred and then ended spontaneously in a small area of the rio grande do sul state in southern brazil. to investigate the epidemiological characteristics of this rabies outbreak in rio grande do sul, 26 nucleotide sequences of rabies virus (rabv) genomes that were collected in this area were analyzed phylogenetica ...201626868014
glycoprotein-g-gene-based molecular and phylogenetic analysis of rabies viruses associated with a large outbreak of bovine rabies in southern brazil.a large outbreak of hematophagous-bat-associated bovine rabies has been occurring in rio grande do sul (rs), the southernmost brazilian state, since 2011, with official estimates exceeding 50,000 cattle deaths. the present article describes a genetic characterization of rabies virus (rabv) recovered from 59 affected cattle and two sheep, from 56 herds in 16 municipalities (2012-2016). molecular analysis was performed using the nucleotide (nt) and predicted amino acid (aa) sequences of rabv glyco ...201728856449
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