hemoplasmas in wild canids and felids in brazil.hemotropic mycoplasmas, epicellular erythrocytic bacterial parasites lacking a cell wall, are the causative agents of infectious anemia in numerous mammalian species. the presence of hemotropic mycoplasmas in blood samples of neotropical and exotic wild canids and felids from brazilian zoos were recorded using molecular techniques. blood samples were collected from 146 brazilian wild felids, 19 exotic felids, 3 european wolves (canis lupus), and from 97 brazilian wild canids from zoos in the bra ...201122946419
molecular detection of feline arthropod-borne pathogens in cats in cuiabá, state of mato grosso, central-western region of brazil.hemotrophic mycoplasmas (hemoplasmas), bartonella sp., hepatozoon sp. and cytauxzoon felis are prominent pathogens that circulate between cats and invertebrate hosts. the present study aimed to detect the presence of dna from hemoplasmas, bartonella sp., hepatozoon sp. and cytauxzoon felis, and then confirm it by means of sequencing, in blood samples from cats in cuiabá, mt, brazil. from february 2009 to february 2011, blood samples with added edta were collected from 163 cats that were being ho ...201324142170
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