polycystic echinococcosis in the state of acre, brazil: contribution to patient diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.the lack of knowledge regarding polycystic hydatid disease results in delayed or even incorrect diagnosis. the lack of systematic information regarding treatment also makes it difficult to assess the results and prognosis in patients with peritoneal and hepatic lesions caused by echinococcus vogeli. here we describe the clinical features of patients, propose a radiological classification protocol and describe a therapeutic option for the treatment of hydatid disease that previously had only been ...201323903966
first molecular identification of echinococcus vogeli and echinococcus granulosus (sensu stricto) g1 revealed in feces of domestic dogs (canis familiaris) from acre, brazil.echinococcus granulosus (sensu lato) (s.l.) and echinococcus vogeli are causative agents of chronic zoonotic diseases such as cystic and polycystic echinococcosis, respectively. in brazil, polycystic echinococcosis has a restricted geographical distribution in the north region, while cystic echinococcosis is observed in the south region. domestic dogs (canis familiaris) fed with raw viscera represent a risk factor for e. granulosus (s.l.) infection in the south region. although this practice is ...201728088247
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