history of veterinary public health in australasia.the geographic isolation of australasia has played a significant role in preventing the introduction of exotic diseases or in limiting the spread of many diseases which entered after settlement. some infections such as psoroptic mange, tuberculosis and brucellosis became widely dispersed and some were ultimately to require novel methods to curtail them, e.g. greater use of rail and road transportation to convey stock, improved methods to locate and muster livestock in bush terrain (helicopters), ...19911840850
rickettsioses in australia.australia, an island continent in the southern hemisphere, has a range of rickettsial diseases that include typhus group rickettsiae (rickettsia typhi), spotted fever group rickettsiae (r. australis, r. honei), scrub typhus group rickettsiae (r. tsutsugamushi), and q fever (c. burnetii). our knowledge of australian rickettsiae is expanding with the recognition of an expanded range of r. honei (flinders island spotted fever) to tasmania and southeastern mainland australia (not just on flinders is ...200617114682
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