cloning and expression of an antifungal chitinase gene of a novel bacillus subtilis isolate from taiwan potato field.a chitinase producing bacillus subtilis chu26 was isolated from taiwan potato field. this strain exhibited a strong extra-cellular chitinase activity on the colloidal chitin containing agar plate, and showed a potential inhibit activity against phytopathogen, rhizoctonia solani. the gene encoding chitinase (chi18) was cloned from the constructed b. subtilis chu26 genomic dna library. the chi18 consisted of an open reading frame of 1791 nucleotides and encodes 595 amino acids with a deduced molec ...200918824348
composition and antipathogenic activities of the twig essential oil of chamaecyparis formosensis from this study, antipathogenic activities of the twig essential oil and its constituents from chamaecyparis formosensis matsum were evaluated in vitro against six plant pathogenic fungi. the essential oil from the fresh twigs was isolated using hydrodistillation in a clevenger-type apparatus, and characterized by gc-fid and gc-ms. twenty-five compounds were identified, representing 98.9% of the oil. the main components were beta-eudesmol (25.1%), tau-muurolol (21.6%), elemol (15.0%), totarol (14. ...201222908586
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