parasitism between anisakis simplex (nematoda: anisakidae) third-stage larvae and the spotted mackerel scomber australasicus with regard to the application of stock identification.the nematode fauna of 369 spotted mackerel of the species scomber australasicus, collected off the northeastern taiwanese coast of the northwestern pacific, was investigated monthly from april 2004 to march 2005. the following nematode species were recorded: anisakis simplex complex, hysterothylacium aduncum, porrocaecum decipiens and raphidascaris trichiuri. the seasonal variation in the infection with a. simplex third stage larva (l3) was studied throughout the 12 months. the prevalence of a. ...201021211909
parasitic helminth fauna of the cutlass fish, trichiurus lepturus l., and the differentiation of four anisakid nematode third-stage larvae by nuclear ribosomal dna sequences.the helminth fauna of the gastrointestinal tract and abdominal cavity of cutlass fish, trichiurus lepturus l., off the taiwanese coast of the north-western pacific was investigated. the following helminths were found: (1) nematodes--anisakis simplex, hysterothylacium aduncum, porrocaecum decipiens, raphidascaris trichiuri; (2) digeneans--adult lecithochirium trichiuri; and (3) cestodes-plerocercoids of proteocephalus spp. the third-stage larvae of these four anisakid nematodes were characterized ...200415133659
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