a no-notice drill of hospital preparedness in responding to ebola virus disease in taiwan.the ebola virus was first discovered in 1976, but the outbreak of ebola virus disease that began in guinea, west africa, in december 2013 shocked the world. it is the largest and most severe epidemic of ebola virus disease to date. the us centers for disease control and prevention confirmed that inadequate implementation of the policy of acquiring travel history led to a delay in identifying the first imported ebola virus disease case. the taiwan centers for disease control developed a no-notice ...201526381373
risk and outbreak communication: lessons from taiwan's experiences in the post-sars addition to the impact of a disease itself, public reaction could be considered another outbreak to be controlled during an epidemic. taiwan's experience with sars in 2003 highlighted the critical role played by the media during crisis communication. after the sars outbreak, taiwan's centers for disease control (taiwan cdc) followed the who outbreak communication guidelines on trust, early announcements, transparency, informing the public, and planning, in order to reform its risk communicati ...201728418746
taiwan's experience in hospital preparedness and response for emerging infectious diseases.the communicable disease control medical network (cdcmn), established in 2003 after the sars outbreak in taiwan, has undergone several phases of modification in structure and activation. the main organizing principles of the cdcmn are centralized isolation of patients with severe highly infectious diseases and centralization of medical resources, as well as a network of designated regional hospitals like those in other countries. the cdcmn is made up of a command system, responding hospitals, an ...201728418745
public health emergency response in recent years, growth of international travel and trade, as well as climate change, has resulted in the frequent emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases such as ebola, zika, and mers. in 2016, taiwan used the joint external evaluation (jee) tool to evaluate its public health emergency response capacities and understand important areas for improvement. this article presents taiwan's disaster and public health emergency response organizational structure, real-time integrated information ...201728418737
is there a case for quarantine? perspectives from sars to ebola.quarantine has been used for centuries in an effort to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable diseases. while backed by legal authority, the public and even the health care worker community's understanding of the term is murky at best and scientific evidence to support the use of quarantine is frequently lacking. the multiple interpretations and references to quarantine, the inconsistent application of public health quarantine laws across jurisdictional boundaries, an ...201525797363
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