use of palivizumab with other infection control measures to control respiratory syncytial virus outbreaks in neonatal care guidelines exist on the use of palivizumab during outbreaks of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) in neonatal intensive care units (nicus). we aimed to describe an outbreak of rsv in nicu settings and the role of palivizumab in controlling the outbreak.201627118823
human metapneumovirus in patients with respiratory tract infection in kuwait.human metapneumovirus (hmpv) has been recognized as an important cause of respiratory tract infections in all age groups and in all geographical area. the role of hmpv in causing respiratory tract infections in kuwait was not yet investigated. the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of hmpv infection in kuwait among patients with respiratory tract infection with respect to other respiratory viruses. during january-december 2009, 460 respiratory samples from 388 patients with respir ...201121837799
respiratory syncytial virus and human rhinoviruses are the major causes of severe lower respiratory tract infections in kuwait.respiratory infections are very common in kuwait, yet little is known about the cause of severe lower respiratory tract infections. this study was designed to investigate the viral cause of lower respiratory tract infections using sensitive molecular methods. pcr was applied to investigate 10 respiratory viruses in respiratory samples from 1,014 patients aged between 3 days to 76 years with acute lower respiratory tract infections. of the 1,014 patients with lower respiratory tract infections, 2 ...201020572084
acute lower respiratory tract infections in children in kuwait.the features of community-acquired acute lower respiratory tract infections in 390 children are described. half (50%) presented with bronchiolitis, 37% with pneumonia and 13% with croup. respiratory syncytial virus was the commonest agent identified (52% of bronchiolitis, 29% of pneumonia, 51% of croup). positive bacterial blood cultures were obtained in 10% of the patients, all except one with pneumonia. fever (> 39 degrees c), a toxic ill look, bronchial breathing, wcc > 20 x 10(9)/l, neutroph ...19979230975
laboratory diagnosis of acute lower respiratory tract viral infections in children.this report summarizes and compares the results of complement fixation test (cft), virus isolation (vi), and direct immunofluorescence test (dif) for the antigen detection of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), influenza a virus (flu a), and adenovirus in 62 children with acute lower respiratory tract infections (alri) in kuwait. it includes, as well, cft results for parainfluenza virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae. combining the three methods, a potential causative agent was identified in 56 (90 pe ...19968936958
respiratory syncytial virus infections in children in a desert country. 19957603818
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