comparison of the use of the halimeter and the oral chroma™ in the assessment of the ability of common cultivable oral anaerobic bacteria to produce malodorous volatile sulfur compounds from cysteine and compare the use of the halimeter and the oral chroma™ to assess the ability of common oral anaerobic bacteria isolated from the kuwaiti population to produce volatile sulfur compounds (vscs).201021160219
prevalence of periodontal bacteria in saliva of kuwaiti children at different age groups.aggregatibacter (formerly actinobacillus) actinomycetemcomitans, tannerella forsythensis and porphyromonas gingivalis and to a lesser extent prevotella intermedia and prevotella nigrescens, are gram-negative species that are associated with destructive periodontitis. studies from different parts of the world have shown variable detection rates of periodontal organisms. hardly any data exist on their carriage in children living in the middle east. this study was designed to determine the detectio ...201020701895
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