control of brucellosis in kuwait by vaccination of cattle, sheep and goats with brucella abortus strain 19 or brucella melitensis strain rev. kuwait, approximately 12,000 dairy cows were vaccinated with a reduced dose of 3 x 10(9) brucella abortus strain 19 and approximately 350,000 sexually mature sheep and goats with a reduced dose of 10(7) b. melitensis strain rev. 1. using the criteria of prevaccinal and postvaccinal incidences of antibodies, abortions, and human cases of brucellosis, the programme was very successful. widespread vaccination of adult animals is the most effective method of controlling brucellosis among cattle, ...19921306918
brucellosis of camels in kuwait.this study investigated the presence of brucella antibodies in serum and milk obtained from camels in kuwait. brucella strains were also isolated from the foetus using standard technique (webridge lab techniques). three serological tests for serum were adopted. these tests were rose bengal plate test (rbpt), the serum tube agglutination test (sat) and the complement fixation test (cft). the rbpt was used for all sera samples, and both sat and cet were used for the positive rbpt. camels that show ...19892505964
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