novel astroviruses in insectivorous bats.bats are increasingly recognized to harbor a wide range of viruses, and in most instances these viruses appear to establish long-term persistence in these animals. they are the reservoir of a number of human zoonotic diseases including nipah, ebola, and severe acute respiratory syndrome. we report the identification of novel groups of astroviruses in apparently healthy insectivorous bats found in hong kong, in particular, bats belonging to the genera miniopterus and myotis. astroviruses are impo ...200818550669
influence of social experiences in shaping perceptions of the ebola virus among african residents of hong kong during the 2014 outbreak: a qualitative study.the outbreak of ebola virus disease (evd) in africa in 2014 attracted worldwide attention. because of the high mortality rate, marginalised social groups are vulnerable to disease-associated stigmatisation and discrimination, according to the literature. in hong kong, ethnic minorities such as africans are often disadvantaged groups because of their low position in the social hierarchy. in 2011, approximately 1700 africans were residing in hong kong. their overseas experiences during the evd out ...201526437961
social media's initial reaction to information and misinformation on ebola, august 2014: facts and rumors.we analyzed misinformation about ebola circulating on twitter and sina weibo, the leading chinese microblog platform, at the outset of the global response to the 2014-2015 ebola epidemic to help public health agencies develop their social media communication strategies.201727252566
the social and political lives of zoonotic disease models: narratives, science and policy.zoonotic diseases currently pose both major health threats and complex scientific and policy challenges, to which modelling is increasingly called to respond. in this article we argue that the challenges are best met by combining multiple models and modelling approaches that elucidate the various epidemiological, ecological and social processes at work. these models should not be understood as neutral science informing policy in a linear manner, but as having social and political lives: social, ...201323702205
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