a survey of canine heartworm awareness in grenada, west indies.heartworm is a common parasite of dogs in grenada, west indies, due to the tropical climate and large number of mosquitoes. because grenada is a developing country and a small island, resources and education on heartworm are limited. in an effort to raise awareness of canine heartworm and the preventive measures available, observations and surveys were performed to determine the following: (a) heartworm knowledge among grenadian dog caregivers seeking veterinary care at the grenada society for t ...201525271772
retrospective study of canine heartworm disease with caval syndrome in grenada, west indies.canine heartworm disease caused by dirofilaria immitis is an important disease of dogs. the aim of this retrospective study was to estimate the prevalence of canine heartworm disease and evaluate cases of caval syndrome in dogs submitted for necropsy in grenada. out of 1617 dogs necropsied over a period of 13 years (2001-2013), 249 were found to be infected with d. immitis; giving an overall prevalence of 15.4% (95% confidence interval, 13.6% to 17.1%). there was no significant difference betwee ...201425280391
a serological study of dirofilaria immitis in feral cats in grenada, west indies.a study to determine the seroprevalence of dirofilaria immitis was carried out in feral cats in grenada. of the 137 feral cats tested for circulating antibodies (igg; lateral-flow immunoassay) and circulating antigens (ag; enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), 8% (95% confidence interval (ci) 3.5-12.5%) were antibody positive and 5.1% (95% ci 1.4-8.8%) were antigen positive. no significant difference between cats aged>1 to 4 years and cats less than 1 year of age was found (p>0.05, χ²). there was ...201020144260
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