antimicrobial drug resistance as determined by the e-test in campylobacter jejuni, c. coli, and c. lari isolates from the ceca of broiler and layer chickens in hundred and twenty five chickens from grenada, consisting of 77 broilers and 48 layers were examined for carriage of thermophilic campylobacters in their ceca by culture. seventy nine percent of chickens were positive for campylobacters, with an isolation rate of 93.5% for broilers and 56.3% for layers, the difference being significant. sixty-four pure cultures comprising 39 campylobacter coli, 21 campylobacter jejuni, and 4 campyilobacter lari isolates were tested for their resistance again ...200918329712
typing of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolated from live broilers and retail broiler meat by flaa-rflp, mlst, pfge and rep-pcr.we analyzed 100 campylobacter spp. isolates (c. jejuni and c. coli) from grenada, puerto rico and alabama, which were collected from live broilers or retail broiler meat. we analyzed these isolates with four molecular typing methods: restriction fragment length polymorphism of the flaa gene (flaa-rflp), multilocus sequence typing (mlst), pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge), and automated repetitive extragenic palindromic polymerase chain reaction (rep-pcr) using the diversilab system. all me ...201021130125
dna identification and characterization of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolated from caecal samples of chickens in speciate campylobacter strains from the caeca of chickens in grenada using pcr and to evaluate dna-based typing methods for the characterization of these isolates.201019735321
campylobacter species isolated from pigs in grenada exhibited novel clones: genotypes and antimicrobial resistance profiles of sequence types.infections caused by campylobacter species pose a severe threat to public health worldwide. however, in grenada, the occurrence and characteristics of campylobacter in food animals, including pigs, remain mostly unknown. in this study, we identified the sequence types (sts) of campylobacter from young healthy pigs in grenada and compared the results with previous studies in grenada and other countries. antimicrobial resistance patterns and diversity of the campylobacter clones were evaluated. ni ...201728650672
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