identification and mycotoxigenic capacity of fungi associated with pre- and postharvest fruit rots of pomegranates in greece and cyprus.pre- and postharvest fruit rots of fungal origin are an important burden for the pomegranate industry worldwide, affecting the produce both quantitatively and qualitatively. during 2013, local orchards were surveyed and 280 fungal isolates from greece (gr) and cyprus (cy) were collected from pomegranates exhibiting preharvest rot symptoms, and additional 153 isolates were collected postharvest from cold-stored fruit in gr. molecular identification revealed that preharvest pomegranate fruit rots ...201526057112
biodiversity and ochratoxin a profile of aspergillus section nigri populations isolated from wine grapes in cyprus vineyards.the objective of this study was to evaluate the biodiversity of aspergillus section nigri populations from cyprus vineyards by morphological, toxigenic and phylogenetic analysis. aspergillus section nigri populations were isolated from grapes of the varieties 'maratheftiko' and 'cabernet sauvignon' originating from six growing regions of cyprus during 2010 and 2011 years. the isolation frequency of aspergillus section nigri from grape samples was 43.3% and a total of 284 isolates were selected f ...201728648287
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