aetiology of vaginal infections in pregnant and non-pregnant women in barbados.the aetiology of vaginal discharge was studied in 175 barbadian women. pregnant women accounted for 52% (91) of the population studied. candida albicans was detected in 45% of the women, bacterial vaginosis in 28% and trichomonas vaginalis in 8.6%. bacterial vaginosis was more common in non-pregnant women (33% vs 23%) whereas c. albicans was more common in pregnant women (49% vs 39). t. vaginalis was found with almost equal frequency in pregnant and non-pregnant women. mixed infections were foun ...19958560888
genital tract infections in sexually active women in barbados.ninety-eight women attending three different clinics were prospectively studied for the presence of genital tract infections, including chlamydia trachomatis. of these 98 women, 35 were presenting to a polyclinic with symptoms of genital tract infection, 55 were attending an antenatal clinic for their first visit, and 8 referred to a colposcopy clinic because of an abnormal papanicolaou smear were included. gonorrhoea was detected in one patient, syphilis in two, and trichomonas vaginalis in six ...19958838049
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