microbiological infections in hiv positive bahraini patients with low cd4+ t-lymphocyte count.the correlation of cd4+ t-lymphocyte count and the distribution of pathogenic or opportunistic microbial infection most commonly found in hiv positive individuals differ from one area to the other. the present study reports such findings in 67 hiv positive bahraini patients in the period may 1997 to nov. 1998. cd4+ t-lymphocyte count was measured using flow cytometry. bacterial and fungal cultures were performed. serological diagnosis was performed when indicated. viral study was done serologica ...200214703050
fever in sickle cell disease patients in the kingdom of bahrain.sickle cell disease (scd) is a hereditary blood disorder characterized by abnormal red blood cell shape (sickling). the incidence of the disease in the kingdom of bahrain is approximately 2.1%. patients with scd are prone to multiple health complications, some of which are fatal. a retrospective study was conducted at the salmaniya medical complex in the kingdom of bahrain from june, 2012 to december, 2012 to assess the incidence of fever among the scd in-patients at that institution. the study ...201624841634
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