trends in antibiotic sensitivity pattern and molecular detection of tet(o)-mediated tetracycline resistance in campylobacter jejuni isolates from human and poultry sources.this study was conducted to determine the trends in campylobacter antibiotic resistance occurring in our setting and to assess the differences in the isolates using patterns of plasmid profiles. one hundred campylobacter jejuni strains of human and poultry origin isolated in 2002-2003 (phase a) and 2005-2006 (phase b) in the kingdom of bahrain were evaluated. susceptibility to erythromycin, ciprofloxacin and tetracycline was determined, and plasmid extraction and polymerase chain reaction detect ...200818219143
causative pathogens of severe diarrhea in investigate the enteropathogens in children with diarrhea attending salmaniya medical complex, bahrain.200212370713
invasive capabilities of campylobacter jejuni strains isolated in bahrain: molecular and phenotypic characterization.the association between putative virulence genes in campylobacter jejuni clinical isolates, in vitro invasive capability and severity of infection is yet to be clearly described. we have characterized three virulence genes and correlated their presence with the severity of infection and in vitro invasiveness. we studied eight c. jejuni strains isolated from patients whose clinical data were scored to determine severity of infection. cytolethal distending toxin (cdtb), invasion associated marker ...200717899793
clinical relevance of virulence genes in campylobacter jejuni isolates in bahrain.there are no data describing the genetic make-up of campylobacter strains (an important aetiological agent of diarrhoea) circulating in the arabian gulf region. here, the molecular characterization of two virulence genes in campylobacter jejuni from bahrain and the relationship with clinical infection are reported. molecular screening for cytolethal distending toxin (cdtb) and invasion-associated marker (iam) genes was carried out on c. jejuni stool isolates collected from january 2002 to januar ...200616772409
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