phenotypic traits, virulence-associated gene profile and genetic relatedness of edwardsiella tarda isolates from japanese eel anguilla japonica in korea.edwardsiella tarda is the predominant bacterium in farm-cultured eel in korea. here, we evaluated the heterogeneity of 37 e. tarda isolates derived from japanese eel with various origins (olive flounder, common carp and ornamental fish) between 2003 and 2010. regardless of origins, the biochemical characteristics of e. tarda isolates were homogenous except hydrogen sulfide production, citrate utilization and mannitol fermentation. based on the phylogenetic analysis of 16s rrna, e. tarda isolates ...201424117973
improvement of aquaculture wastewater using chitosan of different degrees of deacetylation.removal of organic compounds and inorganic nutrients from aquaculture wastewaters prior to discharge can not only minimize deterioration of receiving water quality, but it could also be further reused to culture prawn, fish and shellfish. chitosan can be used as a coagulant, adsorbent, or bactericide; therefore it has been used to improve aquaculture wastewater quality as it could remove suspended solids (ss), organic compounds, nh3, po43-, and pathogens. the best performance of chitosan in remo ...200617203601
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