ectoparasites of the swift fox in northwestern texas.ectoparasites were collected from chemically immobilized swift foxes (vulpes velox) in the texas panhandle (usa). three species of fleas (pulex irritans, dactylopsylla percernis, and euhoplopsyllus affinis) and one species of tick (ixodes sculptus) were found. pulex irritans was the only abundant ectoparasite; it occurred on all 23 foxes brushed in 1999-2000 and all but one of 34 hosts examined in 2000-01. otherwise, this swift fox population had a depauperate ectoparasite fauna; the remainder o ...200415465723
possible vector dissemination by swift foxes following a plague epizootic in black-tailed prairie dogs in northwestern determine whether swift foxes (vulpes velox) could facilitate transmission of yersinia pestis to uninfected black-tailed prairie dog (cynomys ludovicianus) colonies by acquiring infected fleas, ectoparasite and serologic samples were collected from swift foxes living adjacent to prairie dog towns during a 2004 plague epizootic in northwestern texas, usa. a previous study (1999-2001) indicated that these swift foxes were infested almost exclusively with the flea pulex irritans. black-tailed pr ...200616870868
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