the spatial context of free-ranging hawaiian spinner dolphins (stenella longirostris) producing acoustic improve our understanding of how dolphins use acoustic signals in the wild, a three-hydrophone towed array was used to investigate the spatial occurrence of hawaiian spinner dolphins (stenella longirostris) relative to each other as they produced whistles, burst pulses, and echolocation clicks. groups of approximately 30 to 60 animals were recorded while they traveled and socialized in nearshore waters off oahu, hawaii. signaling animals were localized using time of arrival difference cues on ...200616521785
the whistles of hawaiian spinner dolphins.the characteristics of the whistles of hawaiian spinner dolphins (stenella longirostris) are considered by examining concurrently the whistle repertoire (whistle types) and the frequency of occurrence of each whistle type (whistle usage). whistles were recorded off six islands in the hawaiian archipelago. in this study hawaiian spinner dolphins emitted frequency modulated whistles that often sweep up in frequency (47% of the whistles were upsweeps). the frequency span of the fundamental componen ...200212509029
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