downstream changes in the composition of the parasite community of fishes in an appalachian stream.the spatial distribution of 6 parasite species (myxobolus sp., dactylogyrus sp., sterliadochona ephemeridarum, plagioporus sinitsini, allopodocotyle chiliticorum, allocreadium lucyae) was studied in 5 species of fishes (oncorhynchus mykiss, clinostomus funduloides, notropis chiliticus, rhinichthys atratulus, semotilus atromaculatus) in basin creek, an appalachian stream in north carolina. nonmetric multidimensional scaling and vector fitting were used to determine if the proximity of sampling si ...200111318552
susceptibility of representative great lakes fish species to the north carolina strain of spring viremia of carp virus (svcv).spring viremia of carp virus (svcv) is a notifiable pathogen of the world organization of animal health. since svcv was isolated in lake ontario in 2007, concern has grown about its spread in the great lakes basin and its potential negative impacts on fish species of importance in stock enhancement programs basinwide. the susceptibility of representative fish species from the families cyprinidae (fathead minnow pimephales promelas, golden shiner notemigonus crysoleucas, spotfin shiner cyprinella ...201729072534
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