trypanosoma cruzi infection of free-ranging lion-tailed macaques (macaca silenus) and ring-tailed lemurs (lemur catta) on st. catherine's island, georgia, old world primates released on st. catherine's island, georgia (usa), were tested for infection with trypanosoma cruzi as part of a study of the epizootiology of sylvatic t. cruzi in the southeastern usa. the parasite was observed in liver infusion tryptose medium cultures of blood from seven of 11 lion-tailed macaques (macaca silenus) and one of 19 ring-tailed lemurs (lemur catta). cultures of blood from 10 black and white ruffed lemurs (varecia variegata) were all negative. analys ...19989638621
georgia lions eye bank, inc. v. lavant.the mother of a deceased infant whose corneal tissue had been removed for transplantation without her permission sued the hospital and eye bank involved. these institutions, acting in accordance with a georgia law that authorized the removal of corneal tissue for transplant if a decedent's kin did not object, had not notified the parents of their intentions, nor given them an opportunity to object. overturning a lower court finding that the law violated due process, the state supreme court hel ...198512041316
a lion in the room: youth living with hiv.this qualitative study conducted in rural and urban georgia was designed to understand the experience of youth living with hiv who received health care from community-based and aids service organizations. the interview guide was developed by the authors within a health improvement context, and data analysis focused on thematic content. twenty-nine youth, 13 to 24 years of age, volunteered to be interviewed, either in focus groups or independently. the major thematic findings were taking pills, h ...201223362629
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