epizootic vesicular stomatitis in colorado, 1982: some observations on the possible role of wildlife populations in an enzootic maintenance cycle.sera obtained from wild ungulates, carnivores, and rodents in colorado were tested for neutralizing (n) antibody against vesicular stomatitis, new jersey serotype (vsnj), virus to determine their involvement in the 1982 colorado vsnj epizootic in domestic animals. viremic and n antibody responses of two local rodent species to a 1982 colorado isolate of vsnj were determined in the laboratory. the rodents produced only weak viremias, but all developed n antibody. n antibody prevalences for vsnj i ...19873035241
malpais spring virus: a new vesiculovirus from mosquitoes collected in new mexico and evidence of infected indigenous and exotic ungulates.two virus isolates, 1 each from aedes campestris and psorophora signipennis mosquitoes collected in south central new mexico in august 1985, were shown by neutralization tests to be identical to each other, but not to any of more than 250 arthropod-borne and other viruses. electron microscopy of 1 isolate (85-488nm, chosen as the prototype) indicated that this strain shares morphologic characteristics with viruses of the family rhabdoviridae. indirect fluorescent antibody tests indicated that th ...19883061310
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