tonsillar biopsy test for chronic wasting disease: two sampling approaches in mule deer and white-tailed deer.preclinical antemortem testing of deer (odocoileus spp.) for chronic wasting disease (cwd) can be important for determining prevalence rates and removing infected individuals from wild populations. because samples with high numbers of tonsillar follicles are likely to provide earlier detection of cwd than samples with fewer follicles, the method of obtaining follicular samples may be critical when investigating disease prevalence. between january 2003 and january 2005, white-tailed deer (o. virg ...200516456177
re-evaluating neonatal-age models for ungulates: does model choice affect survival estimates?new-hoof growth is regarded as the most reliable metric for predicting age of newborn ungulates, but variation in estimated age among hoof-growth equations that have been developed may affect estimates of survival in staggered-entry models. we used known-age newborns to evaluate variation in age estimates among existing hoof-growth equations and to determine the consequences of that variation on survival estimates. during 2001-2009, we captured and radiocollared 174 newborn (≤24-hrs old) ungulat ...201425264612
spatial heterogeneity of mitochondrial dna and allozymes among populations of white-tailed deer and mule deer.a white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) population in northeastern minnesota and a mule deer (o. hemionus) population in the bridger mountains montana, have previously been shown to be spatially subdivided into contiguous subpopulations. we assessed the degree of genetic differentiation among subpopulations and tested the hypothesis that differentiation will be greater for mitochondrial dna (mtdna) than for nuclear-encoded allozymes. differentiation of the white-tailed deer subpopulations w ...20071849522
isolation and characterization of a cervidpoxvirus from a goitered gazelle (gazella subgutturosa) from a zoologic park in minnesota.deerpox virus (dpv) is the sole member of the newly ratified cervidpoxvirus genus in the subfamily chordopoxvirinae. presented here is the first diagnostic report of isolation of dpv from a goitered gazelle (gazella subgutturosa). a tissue homogenate was submitted by a zoologic park to the minnesota veterinary diagnostic laboratory at the university of minnesota for poxvirus diagnostic investigation and then referred to plum island foreign animal disease diagnostic laboratory for confirmation. p ...201324063086
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