selenium and mercury molar ratios in saltwater fish from new jersey: individual and species variability complicate use in human health fish consumption advisories.balancing risk versus benefits to humans and other organisms from consuming fish is a national concern in the usa, as well as in many other parts of the world. protecting public health is both a federal and state responsibility, and states respond by issuing fish consumption advisories, particularly for mercury. recently it has been emphasized that the protective role of selenium against mercury toxicity depends on their molar ratios, which should be evaluated as an indication of selenium's prot ...201222405995
locational differences in mercury and selenium levels in 19 species of saltwater fish from new jersey.individuals who fish, and their families that ingest self-caught fish, make decisions about where to fish, what type of fish to eat, and the quantity of fish to eat. while federal and state agencies often issue consumption advisories for some fish with high mercury (hg) concentrations, advisories seldom provide the actual metal levels to the general public. there are few data for most saltwater fish, and even less information on variations in hg levels in fish within a state or geographical regi ...201121598171
resources and estuarine health: perceptions of elected officials and recreational is important to understand the perceptions of user groups regarding both the health of our estuaries and environmental problems requiring management. recreational fishers were interviewed to determine the perceptions of one of the traditional user groups of barnegat bay (new jersey), and elected officials were interviewed to determine if the people charged with making decisions about environmental issues in the bay held similar perceptions. although relative ratings were similar, there were s ...199910591491
enhancement of treatment completion for latent tuberculosis infection with 4 months of rifampin.isoniazid is the standard medication used to treat latent tuberculosis infection (ltbi). the lengthy treatment with isoniazid, its perceived hepatotoxicity, and the increasing influx of foreign-born persons from countries with a higher prevalence of isoniazid resistance have compromised this regimen. in 2000, the centers for disease control and prevention guidelines recommended 4 months of rifampin (4r) as an acceptable alternative regimen to 9 months of isoniazid (9h). in a county chest clinic ...200617166986
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