fishing, fish consumption and advisory awareness among louisiana's recreational fishers.this paper presents results from the first known population-based survey of recreational fishers in louisiana (n=1774). the ultimate goal of this study was to obtain data in support of the development of regional advisories for a high exposure population with unique seafood consumption patterns. between july and august of 2008, a survey was mailed to a random sample of licensed recreational fishers to characterize local fishing habits, sportfish consumption, and advisory awareness. eighty-eight ...201121851935
hurricane katrina deaths, louisiana, 2005.hurricane katrina struck the us gulf coast on august 29, 2005, causing unprecedented damage to numerous communities in louisiana and mississippi. our objectives were to verify, document, and characterize katrina-related mortality in louisiana and help identify strategies to reduce mortality in future disasters.200818756175
long-term psychological outcomes in older adults after disaster: relationships to religiosity and social support.natural disasters are associated with catastrophic losses. disaster survivors return to devastated communities and rebuild homes or relocate permanently, although the long-term psychological consequences are not well understood. the authors examined predictors of psychological outcomes in 219 residents of disaster-affected communities in south louisiana.201525078872
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