occurrence and biological effect of exogenous steroids in the elkhorn river, nebraska, usa.recent studies of surface waters in north america, japan and europe have reported the presence of steroidogenic agents as contaminants. the current study has three objectives: 1) to determine if steroidogenic compounds are present in the elkhorn river, 2) to determine if sediments collected from the elkhorn river can act as a source of steroidogenic compounds to aquatic organisms, and 3) to determine if site-specific biological effects are apparent in the hepatic gene expression of fathead minno ...200717825878
a novel public library-based sexually transmitted infection screening program for younger high-risk groups in omaha, nebraska, usa.chlamydia trachomatis (ct) and neisseria gonorrhoeae (ng) are the two most commonly reported sexually transmitted infections (stis) in the united states (u.s.) and douglas county, nebraska has sti rates consistently above the u.s. average. the douglas county health department (dchd) developed an outreach ct and ng screening program in public libraries to address the problem beyond the traditional sti clinic setting. this study evaluates the effectiveness of the program and identifies factors pre ...201626442504
pediatric clerkship experience and performance in the nebraska education consortium: a community vs university compare the reported experiences and performance on end-of-course examinations of students completing their pediatric clerkship at the university of nebraska medical center (unmc), omaha, with that of students completing their clerkship in a community pediatrician's practice (cpp) outside the omaha metropolitan area.199910482218
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