ethnic differences for developing rheumatic fever in a low-income group living in hawaii.the risk factors responsible for acute rheumatic fever (arf) are complex, in part, because group a streptococcus (gas) infection is a prerequisite for this disease. we attempted to differentiate socioeconomic from genetic risk factors by studying subjects in a hawaii pediatric cardiology clinic who qualified for medicaid. this ethnically diverse group was unique because they maintained a low socioeconomic but generally healthy lifestyle with more limited risks than those living in extremely impo ...200617200684
health disparities in the native hawaiian homeless.while it is well accepted that native hawaiians have poor health statistics compared to other ethnic groups in hawaii, it is not well documented if these disparities persist when comparing native hawaiian homeless individuals to the general homeless population. this paper examines the native hawaiian homeless population living in three shelters on the island of oahu, to determine if there are significant differences in the frequency of diseases between the native hawaiian and non-native hawaiian ...201020540000
follow that fish: uncovering the hidden blue economy in coral reef fisheries.despite their importance for human well-being, nearshore fisheries are often data poor, undervalued, and underappreciated in policy and development programs. we assess the value chain for nearshore hawaiian coral reef fisheries, mapping post-catch distribution and disposition, and quantifying associated monetary, food security, and cultural values. we estimate that the total annual value of the nearshore fishery in hawai'i is $10.3-$16.4 million, composed of non-commercial ($7.2-$12.9 million) a ...201728771508
fisheries management. conservationists and fishers face off over hawaii's marine riches. 200717641171
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