hiv risks in a homeless population.homeless people are one of the most vulnerable with regard to hiv transmission. however, most research on this population has been carried out on samples from health clinics. we surveyed 390 homeless people in houston at a day shelter with regard to their hiv/aids knowledge and risk behaviours. the sample was 76% african-american, 11% euro-american, with small numbers of latin-americans, native-americans and asian-americans: half were born in texas, and 92% were male. data indicated that hiv/aid ...200010990335
endorsements by mexican-americans of the bem sex-role inventory: cross-ethnic comparison.gender-related personality traits among mexican-american men and women were examined. the sample consisted of 307 mexican-americans (150 women, 157 men) in a predominantly mexican and mexican-american community in south texas. mexican-american men scored significantly higher than the women on eight masculine items, whereas mexican-american women scored higher than the men on four feminine items. a comparison between the scores of mexican-americans on the bem sex-role inventory with those of the ...199910575986
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