job strain and physiological stress responses in nurses and nurse's aides: predictors of daily blood pressure variability.job strain has been implicated in risk of cardiovascular disease, and there is evidence for increased blood pressure among men with job strain. it is unclear, however, to what degree job strain affects blood pressure in women. this study examined the relationships between job strain, norepinephrine and epinephrine excretion in the workplace, and ambulatory blood pressure variability during waking hours in women working as nurses or nurse's aides in hilo, hawaii.200314688553
occupational differences in job strain and physiological stress: female nurses and school teachers in hawaii.the two objectives are to test the hypothesis that women in a profession with low decision latitude will have greater catecholamine excretion and higher blood pressure than women in a profession with greater decision latitude, and to assess the influence of ethnicity on the occupational comparison.201516868260
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