interactions between public health nurses and clients on american indian reservations during the 1930s.this essay examines the encounters between clients and public health nurses hired by the office of indian affairs to work on american indian reservations during the 1930s. it relies on two different types of sources. the first are the accounts of the nurses, including letters, memoirs, and above all their monthly and annual reports to washington. the second are oral histories conducted by the authors with elderly residents of two sioux reservations in south dakota during august 1993. one of the ...199611613272
medical imaging, pacs, and imaging informatics: retrospective.historical reviews of pacs (picture archiving and communication system) and imaging informatics development from different points of view have been published in the past (huang in euro j radiol 78:163-176, 2011; lemke in euro j radiol 78:177-183, 2011; inamura and jong in euro j radiol 78:184-189, 2011). this retrospective attempts to look at the topic from a different angle by identifying certain basic medical imaging inventions in the 1960s and 1970s which had conceptually defined basic compon ...201424311236
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